Resilience to Stress

Mental Preparation for Competition

How great would it be to erase competition stress in your dog? This class will take a strategic approach using proven scientific solutions. This course has made positive change in hundreds of agility dogs. Are you ready to step to the line with a focused, driven and happy dog?


  • Does this course address dogs that are unmotivated or shut down?

    Yes, it does. The course will guide you through specific strategies for improving motivation & speed. You'll learn how to keep your dog in a happier and relaxed state of mind so they'll enjoy competing with you.

  • Will this be good for my stressed up and over the top dog?

    Yes, we will work with arousal control solutions that will teach your dog how to self-regulate in competition.

  • Is this course for dogs that aren't competing yet?

    Yes it is! You'll learn how to mentally prepare your do for competing in a demanding environment. We will create joyous practice sessions that work on critical skills with an emphasis on motivation and speed.

  • When does this class start?

    Right now! You can join at any time and work at your own pace. The class is available to you for 100 days. Course content is released in Chapters during 8 weeks. You get plenty of time to get instructor feedback and coaching for 100 days!

  • I get stressed at competitions, will this class help with it?

    While this class is mainly about mentally preparing your dog for stress resiliency, I do address Handler Stress and strategies for being the best you can be!

  • How can I contact the Instructor?

    You can email Laura Bussing! Just send a note to


Forever Grateful


"I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed the online Ring Stress Class. Your format of posting slides and then teaching with the corresponding videos has been nothing short of perfection for this adult learner. All the examples thrown in are so helpful as well. I can tell you in by understanding how to better recognize Ellie’s triggers, we have already seen big changes in her behavior. My husband even complimented us and how “engaged” she was with me in agility practice and this is HUGE coming from this man. Anyway, your class has clarified so much and I look forward to having more agility dogs in the future to bring along as well. Forever grateful."

It's the Best Class I've ever taken


"Thank you for such a wonderful class! The positive changes in my crack-head dog are remarkable. I can't believe how amazing it is to run him with a focused brain. I'm so glad I took the class, it's the best one ever! Learning how to keep him in his thinking brain has been so powerful!"

From Stressed to Best

Laura Kuterbach

I really enjoyed the quality information and feedback. The technology platform was easy to navigate, allowing me to access all of the information and not get lost on the website. I would recommend this class to everyone who wants to help their dog gain confidence. It's definitely a journey!

MACH Success


"Laura's class helped me and my dog come together as a team after our 4 years struggling to Q. After her course I finally understood what she needed from me to help us earn our MACH we had been working towards."

My dog is Transformed


"I was not sure if this class could help my dog, but I am blown away at the results I'm seeing! Not only is she calmer around other dogs running, she is completely in a zen zone when its her turn. Our Q rate has increased dramatically and she doesn't take off courses or knock bars. I have recommended this course to all of my students. Everyone should know how to support their dogs on an emotional level. Thank you so much!"

Life Changing


"Just wanted to tell you that you really have made a difference in my life and training!"

Course Curriculum - Over 100 Lectures & Lessons

  • 1

    Welcome & Getting Started

    • Welcome from Instructor

    • Navigating the Course

    • Equipment List

    • Worker & Auditor Info

    • How to Make a YouTube Channel

    • Competition Info

    • Competition Runs

    • Understanding Markers

    • Using JACKPOTS!

    • VIDEO: Demo of Jackpot Reinforcement

    • VIDEO: Food Holder Value

    • Playbook for Stress Resiliency

  • 2

    Chapter 1 - Intro to Ring Stress & Changing the Crating Arrangement

    • Inspiration

    • Lecture Slides - Download & Print - Watch Lecture while taking notes on the slides

    • Lecture - Part 1

    • Lecture - Part 2

    • Trigger Identification

    • VIDEO: Opt-in Test

    • VIDEO: Hand Touch Training

    • VIDEO: Eye Contact Training

    • VIDEO: Start Line Stay Concepts

    • VIDEO: Start Line Stay Duration

    • DEMO: Creating a Sanctuary at Events

    • Homework: Crating Assessment

  • 3

    Chapter 2 - Training Patterns & Delayed Gratification

    • Inspiration

    • Lecture Slides - Download & Print for PlayBook

    • Lecture Part 1

    • Lecture Part 2

    • Zones of the Agility Ring

    • VIDEO: Pattern Routines

    • Homework: Train Pattern Routines

    • Generalizing Behaviors

    • VIDEO: Open Hand Game

    • VIDEO: "Get it" Game

    • Homework: Train Arousal Control Games

    • VIDEO: Cookie Jar Intro

    • VIDEO: Cookie Jar Triangle Game

    • VIDEO: Cookie Jar 1 Jump Game

    • Homework: Train Cookie Jar Games

    • VIDEO: Start Line Stay Distance

    • VIDEO: Start Line "Middle" Position

    • Release Cues Revisited

    • Homework: Next Level Skills

  • 4

    Chapter 3 - Increasing Confidence & Self-Control

    • Inspiration: Trial as you Train

    • Lecture Slides - Download & Print for PlayBook

    • Lecture Part 1

    • Lecture Part 2

    • Using Jackpots in Training

    • Confidence Building with Daring Tasks

    • Confidence Set Point

    • Homework: Proofing Behaviors

    • VIDEO: Stimulus Control Game

    • Homework: Stimulus Control Games

    • VIDEO: Delayed Gratification Leash Walks

    • Leash Walks & Delayed Gratification

    • VIDEO: Commitment for Obstacles

    • Homework: Commitment Training

    • VIDEO: Obstacle Proficiency & Confidence

    • Contacts Assessment

    • Homework: Contact Retraining

    • VIDEO: Start Line Stay Distraction 1

    • VIDEO Start Line Stay Distraction 2

    • Homework: Distraction Training for Start Line

    • Photo of PlayBook

  • 5

    Chapter 4 - Increasing Trust & Relationship Building

    • VIDEO: Midway Message from Instructor

    • Inspiration - Nurture your Relationship

    • Lecture Slides - Download & Print for PlayBook

    • Lecture Part 1

    • Lecture Part 2

    • Relationship Building Strategies

    • Handout: The Play Way

    • VIDEO: Demo of Free Play

    • Homework: Free Play

    • VIDEO: Play-Train-Play for Motivation

    • VIDEO: Play-Train-Play + Control

    • Homework: Play-Train-Play Sandwich

    • VIDEO: Arousal Control & Stay Release Game

    • Assessment: Weaves

    • Homework: Weave Training to College Level

    • VIDEO: Obstacle Proficency - Weave Entries

    • VIDEO: Obstacle Proficiency - Weave Exits

  • 6

    Chapter 5 - Increasing Handler Knowledge & Skills

    • Inspiration for Handlers

    • Lecture Slides - Print

    • Lecture Part 1

    • Lecture Part 2

    • VIDEO: The Information Zone

    • VIDEO: Jumping Mechanics

    • VIDEO: Why Handling is Hard

    • Homework: Training Connection

    • VIDEO: Reward Dog for your Errors

    • VIDEO: Advanced Commitment

    • Homework: Train Advanced Commitment

    • VIDEO: Teeter Retraining Update

    • Lead Changes

    • Course Analysis

    • Run the Course

    • VIDEO: Advanced Pattern Routine

    • Handout: Body Language Poster

    • Field Trip #1 - Trigger Exposure

  • 7

    Chapter 6 - Plan for Back to Ring

    • Inspiration - Believe

    • Lecture Slides - Print

    • Lecture Part 1

    • Lecture Part 2

    • DEMO: Pre-Run & Post Run Routines

    • DEMO: Gate to Start Line Playing

    • DEMO: Gate to Start Line Tugging

    • VIDEO: Decompression - Snuffle Mat

    • VIDEO: Field Trip - Fear Triggers

    • VIDEO: Field Trip - Over Arousal Triggers

    • Field Trip #2 - Trigger Exposure

    • Understanding a Working Threshold #1

    • Understanding Working Threshold #2

    • Science Behind Sniff Walks

    • Plan for Back to the Ring (Download)

    • Decompression Strategies (Download)

    • Assessment for Ring Readiness

    • Anxiety Management for Handlers (Download)

    • Class Wrap Up


Agility Coach

Laura Bussing, CPDT, CCFT, COMD-I

Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Certified OneMind Dogs Agility Instructor, Certified Canine Fitness Trainer, FitPaws Master Trainer, 35 years of dog training, agility & behavior consulting experience. National Level competitor in UKI, USDAA & AKC.


Working: submits video homework to receive the most Coaching & Feedback. Auditors: access to content, can ask questions and join in discussions.

Recent Reviews

5 star rating


Laurie Ingram

I loved this course! I learned so much about how to help my dog deal with the agility trial environment and also how to improve our skills. Well worth the ...

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I loved this course! I learned so much about how to help my dog deal with the agility trial environment and also how to improve our skills. Well worth the time!! We've already used some of our new knowledge at Finn's first agility trial! Thanks, Laura!

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5 star rating

Wonderful Class

Gayle McNish

This class provided me with lots of tools to assist me in dealing with my dog's ring anxiety. Laura was prompt and thorough in providing feedback on my home...

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This class provided me with lots of tools to assist me in dealing with my dog's ring anxiety. Laura was prompt and thorough in providing feedback on my homework, and she made sure that I followed through with the recommended training. I'm already beginning to see the effects - my dog is much more focused and seems excited to work with me. I'm looking forward to continuing our journey together!

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